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Sunday, 17 March 2013


10 steps to create PHP contact us form for blogger

Contact us form is very important form that should be kept in every website.Blogger does not give you a opportunity to have in built contact form, so how can a advertiser or your visitors will contact you through private. In this situation your losing your advertiser by no means and your loosing money too.Sometimes blog owner may not get time to read comments but he will surely check his emails then definitely he will receive your email via contact form.Today we will learn a very easy way to add contact form which is based on php and it remain on same page when a user send a message through it.
  • Unlimited message can be sent and receive,there is no restriction.
  • No charges for using this forms,its totally free form.
  • Even you don’t need to register to use it. Amazing?
  • Also have anti spam protection by captcha.
  • I must tell you that its too much stylized, you will just love it.

How to add it on you blog?

1. Go to and click title,name,email,subject and website.
2. Remember to tick required field on right side.
contact form 1.0
3. Customize your form:
contact form 1.1
Here you can select background color,font color,font style and font size.
4. Now enter email address that you want to receive visitors message.
Also enter captcha and click Create Formular.
contact form 1.2
5. Now you will html code which you need to paste in your blogger page in html mode.
contact form 1.4
6.Got to Blogger click on dropdown and select pages.
contact form 1.5
7.Click new page and select blank page.
contact form 1.6

8.Give page a title as Contact Us.
9.Click html and put the code in it by replacing existing code.
contact form 1.7
10. Publish page and link it to your menu.
Now successfully you have created Contact us form. Hope you will get touch with your visitors more closely then ever.
Peace and happy blogging.

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Author: Azad
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